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Taking rides to a newer level
About Yadea
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High-performance Electric Motorcycle

Yadea, the world's leading electric two-wheeler brand, has ranked global No.1 in annual sales for last 6 consecutive years, with the product ranges mainly covering high-performance electric motorcycles, electric mopeds, electric bicycles, and electric kick scooters.

  • Our wish
    Increase Yadea's leadership role in the industry, by creating a new generation that’s identified by a green commuting lifestyle.
    Yadea Our Wish
  • Our mission
    Master the innovation and core technology of electric vehicles, abide by the international safety/quality standards and provide the world with superior solutions for electric mobility.
    yadea Our mission
    Our promise
    Provide a convenient, safe, free and comfortable ultimate riding experience for our customers.
    yadea Our promise
Taking rides to a newer level

Continues to invest in technology research and development

Yadea belives science and technology are the core of being the leading company in the industry.

  • Yadea Abans Srilanka science technology
Taking rides to a newer level

Push the Limits of Aesthetic Design

Acclaimed within the realms of brand, design, and communication

  • Yadea Srilanka brand-logo
  • Yadea Srilanka brand-logo
  • Yadea Srilanka brand-logo
  • Yadea Srilanka brand-logo
  • Yadea Srilanka brand-logo
  • Yadea Srilanka brand-logo
  • Yadea Srilanka brand-logo
  • Yadea Srilanka brand-logo

    * The above names are not in a particular order. In turn: Porsche desiar studio, Kiska, Yang Mingjie studio, Red Dot Design Award, IF Design Award IdEa CheMiand Red sar besien aware.

    Taking rides to a newer level

    Innovation and Development

    Yadea focuses on independent R&D (research and development) of products

    • 100+
      Countries and Regions
    • 80+
      Million Users
    • 4,000+
    • 40,000
    • 6
      National Level Design Centre
    • 2
      National CNAS Laboratory
    • 1,000+
      R&D Staff
    • 1,900+
      National Patents
    Taking rides to a newer level

    Yadea Abans Auto Sri Lanka

    Yadea's ascent from a 2001 startup to a leading force in the global electric scooter industry illustrates a remarkable journey of innovation and strategic expansion. The company's foray into the international market in 2007 was a critical milestone, leading to its presence in 90 countries. In Sri Lanka, Yadea forged a strategic partnership with Abans Auto (Pvt) Ltd, drawing on their expertise in the local automotive landscape for a strong market entry.
    This collaboration was pivotal, enabling Yadea to adapt its offerings to meet the specific demands and preferences of Sri Lankan consumers and tapping into the global movement towards sustainable transportation. Yadea Srilanka's venture in Sri Lanka showcases the significant role that strategic partnerships and continuous innovation play in their rise to prominence in eco-friendly electric mobility. With the support of Abans Auto (Pvt) Ltd, Yadea Abans has established a solid foundation for ongoing expansion and influence within the Sri Lankan market.