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Yadea Ruibin
Yadea Ruibin
The ride that never goes out of style!​
LKR 399,950.00
* VAT inclusive price

Motorcycle Overview

The Yadea Ruibin electric scooter is a testament to Yadea Abans commitment to innovative, eco-friendly urban mobility solutions. As a leading name in the electric vehicle industry, Yadea Abans has crafted the Yadea Ruibin with precision engineering and cutting-edge technology to meet the evolving needs of modern city dwellers. This electric scooter stands out for its sleek design, combining aesthetic appeal with functional excellence. The Yadea Ruibin is equipped with a powerful electric motor that offers a seamless and quiet ride, making it an ideal choice for those seeking an efficient and environmentally friendly mode of transportation.

One of the key features of the Yadea Ruibin is its impressive battery life, which ensures long distances can be covered on a single charge, reducing the need for frequent recharging. Additionally, its intuitive control panel and responsive braking system enhance safety and user experience, catering to both seasoned riders and newcomers to electric scooters. The Yadea Ruibin also boasts a lightweight yet durable frame, ensuring it is both easy to maneuver in tight urban spaces and robust enough to withstand daily commutes. With the Yadea Ruibin, riders can enjoy a sustainable, convenient, and stylish way to navigate the city, embodying the future of urban mobility.

Technical Specifications

Body Dimension

  • Yadea Srilanka color
  • Yadea Srilanka Torque
  • Yadea Srilanka Category
  • Yadea Srilanka Top Speed
    Seat Height
  • Yadea Srilanka Battery
    Seat Length


  • Yadea Srilanka color
    Motor Type
    Hub Motor
  • Yadea Srilanka Torque
    Rated Power
  • Yadea Srilanka Category
    Climbing Capacity
    9 `
  • Yadea Srilanka Top Speed
    Max Speed


  • Yadea Srilanka color
    Battery Type
    Graphene Battery
  • Yadea Srilanka Torque
    Battery Capacity
  • Yadea Srilanka Category
    Battery Voltage
  • Yadea Srilanka Top Speed

Tires & Brakes

  • Yadea Srilanka color
    12 inch, Aluminium
  • Yadea Srilanka Torque
    Tire Size
  • Yadea Srilanka Category
    Shock absorption
  • Yadea Srilanka Top Speed
    Brake (Front/Rear)

Special features

Take your ride to the next level with TTFAR technology that revs up the on-road performance of Yadea Ruibin with increased speed, torque, and capacity. The all-powerful 72V26Ah Graphene battery promises an uninterrupted, exhilarating ride. ​

  • 800W high power motor​
  • Ride 85km+ on a single full charge
  • 72V26Ah Graphene battery
  • LED Multicolor Display
  • 800-1000 charging cycles
  • Front disc brakes & rear Drum brakes
  • Large under seat storage space​